Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Paris: partie 3: le Louvre

So le Musée de Louvre was overwhelming to say the least. That place is GINORMOUS. Like. Seriously, I think you could spend an entire week there, all day, every day, and not see everything. Its also a labyrinth....we got lost SO MANY TIMES and we were only there for like, an hour and a half. Maps are only slightly helpful.
However, that is not to say we didn't enjoy it, because le Louvre is a work of art itself. The first hall we went into, which housed tons of Greek statues, literally took my breath away when we first walked in. Pictures absolutely do not do it justice. However, I did my best.

There isn't a whole lot to tell about le Louvre, other than we literally were almost running through the whole thing in order to see everything we wanted to see (we were so pressed for time because of everything else we wanted to squeeze in - Paris in a day is truly the abridged version, I wouldn't recommend it for the best, fullest experience). So, here is a really long list of photos of art. Many of the pieces we saw I studied in Art History last fall, which just blew my mind, the fact that I was standing right there in front of them. So amazing. Le Louvre has so so many super famous pieces. Vraiment incroyable.

The hall that took my breath away. So. Beautiful.

So apparently a hippie managed to time travel
and have a statue made of himself.
Hammurabi's Code.
Can't even believe it.

Absolutely incredible.

I just thought this little lion head was adorable.

I'm a horrible art history student and forgot the name of these, and forgot to take a photo of the name.
But these guys are famous.

Like I said, le Louvre is SO PRETTY.
Also big. So. big.

Oh you know, just some of the first writing to ever be written. No big deal.

statue of the queen, wife of King Untash-Napirisha,
king of Iran from ~1275-1240 BC

So this would be from the Twilight Zone of le Louvre.
Hannah and I were trying to find the Greek stuff...and ended up in this weird Egyptian section,
complete with neon word lights. Still have no idea what it was.

Again, just the Venus. No big deal. 
eeeeeee its one of my favorites, from my favorite period!
Sarcophagus of the Spouses, Etruscan period

And then we walked by an original Bernini. Is this real life?

I just really liked this painting. No idea who did it.

Mona Lisa!
Taking a photo in front of the Mona Lisa is super awkward.

Wedding at Cana, sometimes referred to as Wedding Feast.
There are over 130 figures depicted in this massive painting. Insane.

Winged Victory of Samothrace
I know nothing of this statue but it is absolutely stunning. 
One of dozens of depictions just like this of Egyptian kings.
I don't remember which king this is.

This little guy is probably my very favorite piece
I studied last fall. Cannot believe I got to see it in person.

Just hangin' out with Seated Scribe

At the most famous art museum in world with my best friend. So lucky.

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  1. Breathtaking... such amazing pieces of art, and such a fantastic way to reach "back" and see the world's past ... no words. So glad you got to see it, even though it was so rushed! Thanks for sharing the photos! =-)